The finished Quilt
A professional quilt finishing service located in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg), near the German and Belgium border. We like to introduce ourselves.

We are two sisters, Marion and Annemie and since 10 years we are addicted to the fantastic hobby "quilting". We've made many quilts and regularly visit expositions in The Netherlands and abroad for all developments to follow. Quilting with longarm quilting machines was brought to our attention a few years ago.

The scepsis from the beginning was gone after we each had a quilt top machine quilted. With the result we had been immediately sold. Our quilts were finished and it looked fantastically. Without much feeling of guilt we could start the next projects. You see that UFO piles grow (unfinished objects). Send out quilt tops to be quilted is in the United States an established phenomenon.

Our curiosity had been awoken. After examining a lot of available information like profession literature, the Internet and studying DVDs we started in the quilting business. Our firm "The finished Quilt" was a fact. Appointments for training were made and the trip to Ireland booked. This sounds less difficult than it was in reality. The first travel was an adventure for the both of us.

Us has become clear that working with the longarm quilting machine can be very creative and captivating. Every quilter can develop it's own style and technique, but you need to have expertise to handle the machine and to enhance your masterpiece. We have chosen for a stitch-regulated longarm quilting machine, the "Gamill Optimum Plus". Main reason is that a regulated stitch is basis for a fantastic quilt result. Further it is possible to handle large quilts (up to 4,00m / 14 ft).

After many preparations, arranging the atelier and design of the Internet site we have started.

What can we do for you?
We make a unique and fantastic quilt of your quilt top

How do we operate?
First you have to finish your quilt top. Than you choose how the top has to be quilted and select a backing. Also choices are made for batting and thread. We can give you advise by discussing all the options.

Quilt options are:
Overall quilting:
You choose the overall pattern that you prefer and that fits to the quilt top. This pattern is quilted all over the quilt from edge to edge. We make a distinction between intensive and simple patterns.

Custom quilting: This means quilting exactly as you want it to be. The possibilities are infinite. You choose different block patterns, further there are multiple border patterns. Meandering is also an option there is. Finally we can quilt your own delivered design on the quilt.

Sandwiching the quilt: When you prefer hand quilting, we can fix the quilt top together with batting and backing. With large stitches we prepare your quilt for hand quilting, so you can finish your own quilt with comfort (no creeping on the floor).

Other quilt options: We prepare and machine sew binding, further we offer the service for hand sewing the binding down. Sewing a sleeve is also one of the options.

The finished Quilt always delivers the threads for quilting, we use 100% cotton threads. Further it is possible to choose for metallic threads. It is also possible for us to deliver batting and backing.

For more detailed information and prices you can visit our website , Email or contact us via phone (+31 6 53253021).