Preparations for your quilt order:

To aim for the best possible result it is necessary to prepare your quilt top for machine quilting. We gladly tell you more about the preparation.

Quilt top:

  • Press the back of your quilt top. It is important that all seams are pressed flat on the back and facing the desired direction. This is particularly important if you want it to be Stitched in the Ditch for stabilization or effect. (E.g. a Log Cabin quilt)

  • Cut off long threads from the back of the quilt. Especially if there are light areas dark threads can show through on the front.

  • Indicate the top of the quilt with a note. Attach the note with a safety pin.

  • Fold the top carefully and put it on a hanger. This is, of course, not necessary if you ship the quilt top by mail.


  • You can buy your backing at The Finishes Quilt. We will take care of o proper processing.

  • Choose to use 100% cotton for your backing fabric. Polyester and poly/cotton stretch differently and can cause tucks and puckering during the quilting process.

  • Please cut your backing and batting at least 10 cm larger than your top. Packaged batting does not need to be cut.

  • If you piece the backing make sure that the edges are straight.

  • Press the backing. Please note that backing seams should be pressed open.

  • Use of sheets is strongly discouraged, the longarm quilting machine is not suitable for quilting sheets.


  • If you bring fabric for the binding, it is not necessary to cut the fabric. You can wash it  and it has to be pressed.