Guidelines for filling the quilt order form:

  • Fill in the quilt order form as complete as possible, so we can make a unique quilt of your quilt top.

  • Contact us by phone or Email if something is unclear or if you have additional questions.

  • You can download the quilt order form in MS Word format.

  • Another possibility is to activate the link to print the quilt order form via your Web browser.

 Sending in the quilt order:

How does the quilt top get to us?

  • Delivering the quilt top:
    You deliver the top personally. Possibilities are to deliver at the studio of The finished Quilt in Wijlre (NL). Please make an appointment if you deliver to or visit the studio.

  • Mail delivery:
    You send the quilt top by mail to The finished Quilt (NL). Please be aware, the volume of the quilt expands when it is quilted. We will return the quilt in the same package. Shipping costs are at your expense. After the quilt has arrived we will contact you.

Quilt measures:

  • Length x width = m2 (square meter)

  • Rates for quilting are calculated per m2.

  • We measure quilts horizontally and vertically through the middle. Deviations are to be discussed, when a top is not squarely. In this case adjustments have to be made for the best result.

  • A tip for attaching the borders: make the quilt fit to the borders, instead of the borders fitting to the quilt.

Description of your quilt top:

Fill in the name of your quilt top / pattern or project. E.g. "Moonglow".

Your pattern choice:

Wherefore will the quilt be used?

  • Is it a comforter with a practical use or a fancy wallquilt?

  • Is it a baby-quilt (no metallic threads or polyester batting)?

  • For which person is the quilt to be (boy / young girl / husband)?

  • There are multiple options for patterns, check our pattern page. Additional alternatives can be discussed.


There are multiple options, mark your choice.

It is also possible if you bring or send the batting yourself. Please remember the extra centimetres. When it concerns a baby-quilt, send 100% cotton or wool batting.


Do you want a contrasting colour and a quilting pattern that does show up, or do you want the thread to add another dimension in addition to the pattern.

How would a metallic thread or a variegated thread look like?


  • The finished Quilt can deliver backing if you require, it is also possible to supply your own backing. We will take care of good processing.

  • Preferably you choose 100% cotton backing. Polyester and poly-cotton stretch differently and can cause tucks and puckering during the quilting process.

  • Usage of sheets is strongly discouraged.


Fill in this option on the order form if you prefer. Please do not cut the fabric. Pricing is per meter.

Many thanks for your quilt order.

Do you have questions or remarks, please contact us by phone or send an Email, we will be at your service.